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Membership to the Liege Car Club is open to anyone with an interest in Liege Cars. The subscription is currently £20.00 per annum. We aim to hold 2 or 3 social events. The club also offers advice and support to any member with technical or other queries and when available will advise interested members of cars or parts for sale. For further details please email us at
The subscription for annual membership for this year becomes due again on 1st May and remains at £20.00           

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 Please send this form to the address below to register your annual subscription along with a cheque for £20.00 made payable to Liege Car Club to:- Ginny Endley
Liege Car Club, Felloes Barn, Church Street, Kingham, Oxon, OX7 6YA   Membership runs from May 1st 2016 for one year. If you have one please do make sure you let us know your email address as this is the quickest and preferred way of keeping you in touch.   Notes
If you have any queries please contact Ginny Endley Email:   Website: